RFID blocking card

RFID blocking card is ideal to add to your “tech-savvy” product line. One can make his or her current wallet into a RFID protection wallet in the easiest way. There's no need to purchase a brand new “RFID wallet” and disregard the existing wallet with nostalgia value. Give away this RFID blocking card with custom logo, so it fulfils branding purpose and practical feature!


  • The traditional sleeves styles, each credit card requires 1 sleeve. With RFID blocking card, 1 card can block all cards effectively. The 100% all-around protection will be to sandwich all credit cards in-between 2 RFID blocking card.

  • RFID protection card come in the same size as credit card. So it can fit into any wallet.

  • Printing: It's recommended that we print “RFID” logo on 1 side to identify such product and then custom printing on the other side.

  • Highly developed RFID blocking material

  • Our pricing is the most cost-effective, with maximized production processing.


  • Body material: Eco-friendly PVC + RFID blocking material: specific metal layer

  • Dimensions: Size: 86 x 54mm, 0.8mm thickness

  • SGS tested for blocking capability at 13.56 MHz

Order Information

  • MOQ: 5,000pcs

  • FOB Port: Taiwan

  • Lead Time: 3 Weeks Based On MOQ