Swivel Luggage Tag

Standard Luggage Tag

We are the professional plastic luggage tag manufacturer since 1989.


Top Card offers high quality plastic promotional luggage tags. Printed luggage tags with backside pocket, credit card size plastic tags, and swivel style 2 pieces luggage tags. Specialize in offset printing, silkcreen printing, and digital printing to create the best branded item for promotion. Blank luggage tags at top quality can be printed with any style of digital printers.

Here are our 2 styles:

Item# TC-601: Most competitive item of our company. Screen printed, offset printed, or digital printed luggage tag. Most popular and standard in North America, and then Europe.

Item# TC-601: in blank / colored PVC board. Perfectly printable for your digital printers to print on and sell for accelerated retail price.

Item# TC-618: 2pcs-swivel-typed luggage tags. Screen printed, offset printed, or digital printed luggage tag. Most popular and standard in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Item# TC-602: credit card size tags and plastic cards. Screen printed, offset printed, or digital printed luggage tag.


Custom printed luggage tags

branded luggage tag, swivel tag

Swivel style of luggage tag are made by riveting 2 piecs of tags with metal eyelet. Branded luggage tags are made with high-resolution offset printing and silkscreen printing. Tags are then processed with top-notch finish via lamination and edge cutting. This styles of luggage tag come in best privacy as traveler's information is actually covered up and can only be seen once detach plastic loops from the luggage handle.

Highlight and Requirement for Different Materials

  • PVC Material: The "entry level" materials that is without restrictions compare to PP and metal material. We can produce at any available quantity and surface process as requested.
  • PP Material: as concern-free on environmental top standards. Although PP is cheaper than PVC on material costs, but MOQ for material production is much higher than PVC. PP boards for printing need specially processing in order to let printing ink to be fully absorbed.
  • Metal Material: need higher MOQ as in 5K per design, finished products are heavier and more pricy which in another sense, create higher quality touch.


  • Structure: Two pieces of credit-card sized tags are riveted together with metal eyelet. Both front side and backside can be printed with custom artworks with more marketing ideas. Personal information to be printed on the inner side so one can only see full info by taking off the tag from luggage to swivel opens the tag. The surface of the side of personal info is specially processed so a regular ball pen can write on it directly.
  • Printing: Silkscreen printing, offset printing, and digital printing. We will advise which is the best way to present your artworks. 
  • Lamination: Tags can be laminated after silkscreen printed, full-color offset printed, and digitally printed. A thin lamination film will be applied onto printed tags. This lamination layer has 2 purposes: to create varnish surface and most importantly to act as a "protective layer" to protect printed surface from scratches and damages.
  • Customization Requirement:
  • 1. Surface Finish Choice: Depends on client's preference, surface can come in matt or shinny surface.
    2. Loop / Strap to Pair Up: Choose specific pantone color with MOQ 5K to better match your artwork design. 
  • Packing Reference 
  • 1. Standard Packing: 1pc of tag and strap (not attached) /individual polybag, 50sets/big poly bag, 1000sets/ctn.
    2. Custom Packing: Pack with header card to hang, self-adhesive polybag, or large backing card with 2pcs tags as a set - you name it and we will pack as request.
  • Machinery Required: Large scale lamination machine and top-notch standard of oil-punch mold that creates smooth and perfect edges of the tags.


  • Body Material: Eco-Friendly PVC
  • Dimensions: 86mm x 54mm

Order Information

  • MOQ: 1,000pcs
  • FOB Port: Taiwan
  • Lead Time: 2 Weeks Based On MOQ
  • Thickness From 0.75mm - 1.5mm At Each Piece.
  • Standard Strap Length: 17cm Length x 2.5mm Diameter


Certificates on Eco-friendly PVC:

  • CPSIA standards on Phthalates (6P)
  • CPSIA standards on Lead
  • CPSIA standards on Phthalates (7P)



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