Metal strap for luggage tag

Loop & Strap

plastic, leather, and faux leather material

Top Card offers a variety of straps and loops, first of all to allow clients to create their own combination with luggage tags. If you want to make your tags stand out, pair it up with colorful straps or a faux leather strap for better quality! Second, our clients can also buy straps and loops only (without tags) for different purposes of use with other products. Different styles and materials are available for you to choose from.

TC-110, 111

metal strap for tag

bead strap, metal strap

Durable metal loop and bead strap for your branded luggage tags. Create a high-end look and add on more practical purpose - metal strap is the most durable.

Item / Model TC-110 TC-111
Dimensions 158mm Length x 1.5mm Diameter 137mm Length x 3mm Diameter
Body Material Stainless Metal. Iron on the inside with nickel plated on the outside.
MOQ 10,000pcs. 5,000pcs.
Lead Time 3 Weeks Based On MOQ.



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