RFID Protection Sleeve for Credit Card

Most credit cards nowadays are embedded with RFID chip. RFID blocking sleeve for credit card is the best way to prevent electronic pickpocketing. Top Card’s credit card protection sleeve is the best in its blocking capability, it is verified with SGS testing. Top Card provides credit card sleeve in 2 different materials and surface touch: paper and plastic sleeves and are customizable with logo branding.

Specification for Paper material 

  • Dimensions: 89mm x 58mm

  • Body material: Paper laminated with metal layer

  • Structure: To make the paper material more durable, a thin clear protective film is heat-pressed for 3 purposes: 1. Protect the printing. 2. Make the sleeve more durable 3. Create glossy finish.

  • Product highlight: Edges are sealed with designated glue that’s strong enough for product to last over time.

Specification for Plastic material 

  • Dimensions: 89mm x 58mm

  • Body material: PVC + PE film, laminated with metal layer

  • Structure: Edges are perfectly sealed with ultra-sonic machine. Sealing edges are very thin that bare little tolerance but it’s also strong at the same time.

  • Product highlight: Very durable with such material finish.


  • Printing: surface is printable with digital printing so an perfect addition to your promotional product line.

  • Key machinery: High-scale of offset printing machine, special heat-sealing machine, cutting machine, gluing heat-sealing machine.

Information for an Order

  • MOQ: 10K/per design

  • Lead time: 4 weeks

  • Thickness: around 0.13mm

  • Sample charge and printing film charge are required, vary from order QTY and artwork