RFID Protection Sleeve for Passport - Paper Material

Passport Sleeve

Passports now are now embedded with electronic chips with personal information. Put your passport into the RFID-blocking sleeve – adding a simple yet effective protection to your personal data. The sleeves can be printed with customized logo/design printing for your branding too. Top Card provides credit card sleeve in 2 different materials and surface touch.

Passport protection sleeve

RFID passort sleeve, case

RFID protection sleeve for passport is the best way to prevent electronic pickpocketing during travel. These RFID sleeves are made with special material to block the RFID frequency sending our from passport and block the scanner detection. The passport protection sleeves are made with paper material and are customizable with logo branding. It's one of the best "travel safe" products that best protect personal data.


  • Structure: Paper body material is laminated with inner metal layer, logo/artwork printing is done on the paper outer side. A thin clear protective film can be pressed on for 3 purposes: 1. Protect the printing. 2. Make the sleeve more durable 3. Create glossy finish. Sealing edges are fixed with special glue to make products most durable for long term use.
  • Printing: Silkscreen printing and full-color offset printing via to cater different requirements of artwork.
  • Machinery Required: High-scale of offset printing machine, special welding machine, cutting machine, gluing heat-sealing machine.


  • Body Material: Paper Plus Metal Blocking Layer
  • Dimensions: 108mm x 141mm

Order Information

  • MOQ: 10K/Per Design
  • Lead Time: 3 - 4 Weeks
  • Thickness: Around 0.13mm
  • Sealing: Special Heat Sealing Glue


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